Corporate Trainings

SOTL was founded by ICT Industry veterans and thus SOTL is uniquely positioned to appreciate the needs of the corporates wanting to upgrade its technical capabilities. SOTL provides professional technical trainers in various technologies to deliver ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) trainings of high quality to several ICT Clients in India & Abroad and are rated very high by our clients.


SOTL offers training programs for fresh recruits as well as to seniors to hone their ICT skills. These programs are designed in consultation with the respective organizations. Besides teaching various tools and technologies, the programs also focus on the underlying concepts, industry adoption and best practices. SOTL is the only organization providing competitive trainings on complete spectrum of ICT sector by involving various ICT companies & independent trainers as part of the delivery .


  • One stop solution for all of your ICT training needs.
  • Trainings designed and delivered by leading technocrats and practitioners!
  • Cost efficient – pay per use!
  • Best quality delivered!
  • Ability to scale up!