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International student

What SOTL offer:

If you are looking to certify yourself within the telecom and networking industry, then SOTL is the perfect place for you to do so.


SOTL offers international students a 2 months program on Telecom Technology Certifications and 2 months program on Networking Technology Certifications, where the students will get certified with internationally recognized companies: BSNL, Huawei, ZTE and SOTL. This means that you will get 4 Telecom & 5 Networking, total 9 internationally recognized certifications in just 4 months, which are:

  • BSNL Certified Telecom Engineer
  • ZTE Certified Telecom Engineer
  • Huawei Certified Telecom Engineer
  • SOTL Certified Telecom Expert
  • BSNL Certified Networking Engineer
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • ZTE Certified Datacomm Engineer
  • Huawei Certified Datacomm Engineer
  • SOTL Certified Networking Expert

In the 4 months you will be trained by BSNL, Huawei, ZTE and SOTL, which means you will get real time experience with these technologies and products and not only theoretical knowledge. During the training period you will be trained at the companies' facilities and state of the art telecom laboratories.