Magazines & Newsletters

While there are many magazines and digests targeted at professionals and business leaders, none available to help students and faculties of engineering and technology institutions to fulfill their need to keep up with the current and future happenings in the world engineering, technology and Business.


SOTL has recognized this need and has created a unique magazine and a news Letter that serves only the student community and their teachers. SOTL’s “Technology Digests & Careers” is a monthly magazine that captures current developments in technology, engineering and business in the fields of information technology, network engineering and telecom. It provides in depth articles and reviews to keep the students and teachers abreast of what is happening in the industry as well as an avenue for career building.


  • Single source for equipping oneself with the latest in technology, engineering and business of ICT sector.
  • Creates avenues for promotions and exhibitions of  talents.
  • Acts as a constant source for upgrading students & teaching  staffs of ICT specialization.