On Campus Certification Programs

Corporates are increasingly faced with problems of filtering fresh graduates as the hit ratio of many hiring programs is as low as 1%. Thus Corporates are more and more relying on external and unbiased certifications as a means to preselect the potential hires.


Using its strategic partnerships with major industry players, SOTL is able to offer internationally recognised and reputed certification programs by ICT Industry Leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, BSNL, Huawei, Cisco, ZTE, Etc at your campus. These companies directly and/or in combination with SOTL would facilitate knowledge transfers to the students on current technologies in information technologies, networking & telecommunication, and also certify participants based on their performance via their global certification exams.


The global knowledge certificates will add on to the qualification of the students and differentiate them out of the general job seeking crowd. The institutes can avoid the students to approach outside training institutes of no credibility and facilitate the certification programs right in the campus.




  • A better performance in OCC programs  results in better Placement opportunities & brand name for the college.  
  • Enhanced technical knowledge leads to better selection for higher studies at National & International Universities.
  • Heavy demand for ICT certified professionals abroad and particularly US, UK, Europe, Gulf & Africa.