Placement Drives: Campus/Off Campus

Like it or not, the placement records has become a demanding mission for the most of the colleges. After all, it is the employability that decides the quality and relevance of the education as everyone wants quality education that will get them a job. Through our experience in the industry, we understand the gap between what is taught at colleges vis-a-vis the needs of the Corporates.


Thru this program, SOTL takes students through effective assessment process which includes technical and basic aptitude embedded with interpersonal skills. Once the students have been through this process, we either get corporate to the campus or call qualified students to the respective companies as per the requirement. We are strategic hiring partners for many leading ICT companies.


  • Employment opportunity for winning participants.
  • Best platform to showcase the skills & ideas directly to the industry leaders.
  • Appreciation through attractive awards & accolades.