Project Works (Main/ Mini)

For students of technology and engineering, projects are one of the best ways to spend their time to do research and upgrade their knowledge and skills. Unfortunately it is a common knowledge that most students misuse this opportunity and buy off projects from market or resort to plagiarism. Many institutions have started to ban outside projects which is neither good for the students nor for the industry.


SOTL offers professionally facilitated and managed project works from Industry leaders. SOTL has enabled the ICT industry leaders to offer hands-on and advanced technology based project works directly from their campus or at your campus thereby removing the opportunity for plagiarism and/or buy off. Projects are mentored and guided by leading ICT companies like BSNL, HUAWEI, ZTE , etc.


  • Real time hands in practical knowledge on high end equipments. 
  • Elimination of plagiarism and buy offs.
  • Relevancy of projects enhancing dissemination of current technologies.
  • Better industry and institution integration.
  • Enhanced placement opportunities.