Strategic Hiring Solutions

With hiring programs’ hit ratio hitting as low as 1%, the corporates are struggling to cope up with the large number of candidates to be screened with little time available to identify the potential hires. Thus there is a tremendous opportunity for a 3rd party profiling cum evaluations that could be utilized to the advantage of the corporates to weed out the unqualified candidates. Such a 3rd party profiling will also help corporates to “know who you are hiring” and also results in better fitment than the traditional hiring.


Thru its unique assessment programs SOTL would assess fresher’s performance long enough period to provide detailed profiling of each candidates in analytical, technical, aptitude and other soft skills. The assessments are done by the leaders of ICT and leading assessment experts.


  • Better fitment of new hires.
  • Faster hiring process.
  • Improved hit ratio!
  • Low attrition.
  • Access to large talent pool.
  • Priority hiring made possible!