Workshops, Seminars & Guest Lectures

Everyone agrees that the only way to improve college and engineering education is by improved industry institution interactions. Private and public bodies have sprung up to improve the industry institution interactions with the hope that the gap between education and industry need would minimize. Yet the employability study by multiple survey firms observed the employability index between 10 to 20% maximum! which means certainly something is amiss here, obviously.


With backing of the industry, SOTL is best positioned to put together a cohesive set of programs and events that would take the industry institution interactions to the next level unimagined. Once the custom program is finalized, SOTL would get the executives of leading companies of ICT sector, technology leaders, Social icons & employability skills trainers to deliver workshops, seminars & guest lectures at your campus.


Premier school students like IITs & IIMs are special because of the kind of speakers they get exposed to and get inspired. Most of the colleges have no access to such leaders. SOTL would make your students special by inviting such speakers to your campus.


  • Workshop participation certifications in advance technologies, leadership skills, life skills, etc.
  • Excellent industry institution interactions for educationists as well as students.
  • Improved relationships between industry and  institutions & research opportunities.
  • Improved employability of fresh graduates.
  • Improved opportunity to entice professionals to teach on sabbatical or exchange basis.
  • Will help students to get focused on their Career & life.