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Information Technology Programs

[Note: We also offer intensive computer language programs in Java/J2EE and .Net/C#]

Duration: 6 - 12 Months
Eligibility: Graduates with Computer Science/Engg/Diploma with good training and exposure to Java/J2EE or .Net/C#.


This is a hands-on program for fresh and aspiring Software Engineers and is centered on actual software development project managed by well rounded Development Manager/Lead. Participants are taken thru an actual software development project where in they will first hand experience the full Software Development Life Cycle role by doing it with the help and guidance of a Development Manager. The Development Manager will also constantly observe, provide feedback and suggestion, help create action plan etc on various competencies throughout the programme; to enable them to learn the real business of Software Development.


The program is offered in both .Net/C# and JAVA/J2EE platforms.

Course Outline:

  • Brush up on Technology and Platform components & Tools
  • Understanding the Business of Software Development
  • Introduction to Development and Test Processes
  • Understanding Business Requirements vs Software Requirements
  • Understanding Architecture - Programmer/Tester Perspective
  • Understanding HLD Documents
  • Understanding LLD Documents
  • Introduction to Design Principles and Practices
  • Introduction to Build and Configuration Management Tools
  • Introduction to Test Automation and Automation Tools
  • Distributed Development, Process and Tools

  • Project Work - Hands on….
  • Define a problem space & Scope
  • Build a Functional Solution (Functional Architecture)
  • Design User Interface
  • Technical Architecture & Component Description
  • High Level Design
  • Low Level Design
  • Creation of Build Environment
  • Creation of Automation Environment
  • WBS & work Assignment
  • Test Planning
  • Test Cases
  • Coding
  • Integration (Dev)
  • Build and Deployment
  • Test Runs and Results Analysis
  • Debugging & bug fixing
  • Tracking and Managing Activities

  • Best Practices
  • Code Reviews & Coding Standards
  • Peer Reviews
  • Test Driven Coding
  • Data Driven Behaviors
  • Designing for change
  • Instrumentation
  • Error Logging
  • Debugging Strategies


  • SOTL Certified Software Engineer

Why Software Development program:

If you are someone who is good with Java/J2EE or .Net/C# languages but is not good in developing software applications then this is the program. Knowing a computer programming language is not enough to be able to develop software applications. This is essentially a program aimed at transforming people with language skills into professional software developers.

Unlike other programs, our program is centered on learning by doing and thus practical experience is the central to all of our programs. Every opportunity will be given to participants to try things out in every topic they learn and gain practical work experience throughout the course and thus the participants are readily employable as Software Engineers upon successful completion of the program.